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How I prepare and dress for my Queen Tea Parties

by | Feb 25, 2021 | Videos | 0 comments

What does it mean to be a Queen?


I believe it looks different for all of us, as we all have our unique way of being Queen.

But there are general traits that all Queen embody:


  • Being ABUNDANT
  • Dedicated and devoted to her PURPOSE
  • Fiercely CONFIDENT
  • She owns herself feeling BEAUTIFUL and POWERFUL
  • She is the SOVEREIGN of her life, so nothing is above her
  • She’s deeply connected and guided by the divine/universe/god/love/life itself only
  • She’s COMMITTED to serving and leading her people/mission
  • Centred in her HEART




As Queen you’re rich as fuck and you have everything you want 😝

You’re happy and having a blast 🎉

So you are loving, kind and generous in sharing, leading and serving others

Cause when you have it all, the greatest pleasure is to share, give and empower others ❤️


Sounds pretty sweet right?


Well here’s the thing:


I truly believe every human being has a Queen or King in them.

The sovereign, the highest form of ourselves within.

The problem is simply most of us don’t know this, let alone know how to tap into that part CONSISTENTLY.

But through my own journey I found that part within me (and trust me if you would have known me when I was young and wild, Queen is the last word you would have described me as 😂)

I am continuously training myself to LIVE in this power more and more.

And I have learnt and developed tools that allow me to share with others how they can step into their Queen power too.


Hence my Queen Tea Parties 


Where I ask my guests to show up (and dress up if they like) as Queens

Now apart from being super fun and much more thrilling than your usual zoom meeting 🤩

I do this, because the easiest way to access our Queen power (or any part of ourselves for that matter) is through our BODY.


So there is a method to my madness


When we FEEL into who we want to be, by moving our bodies or dressing a certain way, it connects us to this part within us in a very powerful and impactful way.

So let’s get to the important question:


How do you dress and show up as Queen?


Well here’s the beauty:

There is no one way to do it!

Although we all have this Queen power within us, we all have a unique way of expressing it.

But to give you some inspiration and practical idea of what that looks like, here’s how I will dress and show up:


  • Most days I will be dressed in clothes that make me feel beautiful and powerful, playful and sexy, wild and free as it reflects my core essence
  • My clothes reflect how I am feeling on that particular day, some days I feel more sexy, others I want to be more flowy and carefree, some days I want to wear fancy dresses others be in my comfy loungewear
  • Most days I will make up and will have done my hair, not because I feel I have to, but because I enjoy presenting myself at my best and it inspires others to show up as their best
  • Most days I’ll have my space cleared out and looking pretty, a hot drink and some water next to me to keep me hydrated, fresh and inspired
  • Some days I will be wearing sweat pants, with no makeup or even my dressing gown, cause I need that extra comfort (perhaps I am little under weather or not feeling that great) so that my energy is fully clean and present so I can still show up as my best self, but in an authentic way, as I’m not trying to be perfect, but simply dedicated and committed to showing up for my clients (and this is more inspiring than any fancy clothes ever could be!)


And that’s they key really:

Being in our Queen power has nothing to do with the expensive designer labels we’re wearing or how perfectly put together we look.


Beyonce isn’t Beyonce just for the badass outfits!


Our outside appearance is always just a reflection of what is going on in the INSIDE

Our ENERGY, our soul, who we are BEING is everything!

But sometimes we can use that outside appearance to help us to get back to that feeling we want to feel within us.

So if you’ve been invited as a guest to my Queen Tea Party and you stressed cause you don’t know what to wear…


Don’t be 😉


You already are a Queen and perfect exactly as you are!

Nothing will ever be able to take that away (not even you 😜)

  • Dress up if it’s FUN for you
  • Bring your favourite drink if that gives you comfort
  • Clear out your space if that inspires you
  • Most importantly is simply SHOW UP
  • Gift yourself that time for just YOU
  • Make sure there’s nothing that will disturb and distract you

And get giddy with excitement for some magic and all that’s possible 😉💗