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Attracting your ideal clients is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

by | Apr 16, 2020 | Blogs | 0 comments

Being seen and heard online seems super complicated….can feel super stressful and frustrating

Can suck the life and soul out of you 🥵…but it really doesn’t have to be!

It’s just we often like to make things more complicated for ourselves than we have to (I’m queen of this so I know!)  🤪

Business, sales, marketing, bringing onboard new clients…at it’s core it’s simply all about BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS

And there are 3 main phases all our relationships go through:

Phase 1: Meeting new people

If you want to make new friends, you have to get out there where you have opportunities to meet new people…it’s exactly the same when it comes to attracting new clients!

And the best part…in today’s online world there are so many platforms and ways in which you can meet new people 😍

Simply choose a place like Instagram, Linkedin or Facebook groups, say hi to people and have some fun 💃

Phase 2: Build a relationship built on trust and desire

I don’t about you, but for me what I look for in a man is simple:

He’s someone I WANT to be with (I’m attracted to him!) 😍

And someone I can TRUST 🥰

Now let’s take the romance and sexual attraction out of it 😜

And we still have the same base in our business relationships:

As we’re meeting new people, we want to simply be focused on engaging with people, offering our values, expertise and personality…

And quite magically you will attract all the people that WANT your support as a business and TRUST you!

So we really only need to focus on phase 1 & 2 and then phase 3 happens quite naturally.

Phase 3: Engaging in mutual beneficial exchanges

What’s the difference between a friendly encounter and a friend? 🤔

Well, a friendship for me really starts when we start doing things for each other:

If my friend calls me and tells me how her kids are driving her crazy, I offer to take them for a few hours, so she can have a break…

If she’s sounding upset when we meet up for coffee, I listen and offer comfort...

And I know when I’m blessed with a great friendship when these exchanges happen so effortlessly and natural, that I never think twice about offering my support because I know I will always receive back what I give (in fact I always receive way more!)

There’s no reason business relationships can’t happen the exact same way!

Asking for a sale, making an offer…does things don’t feel sleazy or weird at all when you simply focus on OFFERING SUPPORT as the situation requires!

I don’t have to come up with clever lines to hook someone in…

I simply make CLEAR statements how I can help and support, when a challenge arises…

And just like I don’t get upset when my friend declines my offer to look after her kids…

As I TRUST her, that she knows what’s best for her in that moment and because I know that offering my GENUINE SUPPORT always strengthens our relationship…

And that it also leaves the DOOR OPEN for her to come back to me and ask for help anytime she needs it…

I also don’t take business rejections in any form personal!

That’s how simple (and fun 😍) our relationships in business could be!

But the same thing that messes up our personal relationships also gets in the way of attracting our clients with grace and ease…

It’s our own ego, insecurities and lack of confidence in who we truly are 🤪

But this is why I love teaching the “true beauty attracts” method so much…

Cause yes you improve your skill sets like copywriting, making videos, taking beautiful images etc

But most importantly you BECOME the truly BEAUTIFUL person you are!

And you learn to activate your super attraction powers not only to attract all your ideal clients…

But you will start realising you can use your new gained superpowers for anything you want 😜

If you want to learn more about the “true beauty attracts” method and get those attraction powers fired up 🔥

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