How do I get my posts SEEN? Creating attention grabbing headlines

How the hell do I get people to SEE my posts? 🤯

If you want to Attract customers to you, the very first thing you want to do is ATTRACT ATTENTION…

Cause you can’t have a conversation

You can’t build a relationship without attention first 💁‍♀️

Here’s one simple way you can create attention grabbing headlines to start your posts:

Ask the question your customer is constantly asking themselves in their head


If I know my ideal customer is having trouble getting attention and traction with their content…

Cause they lack some simple copywriting skills like writing attention grabbing headlines…

I know one of their questions their asking themselves is:

“How do I grab attention with my copy?” 🤔

EXECPT…that’s more how I would ask the question…from the perspective of the expert

My ideal customer is gonna ask themselves more something like:

How the hell do I get my posts seen? 😩

Why is no one paying attention to my posts…what am I doing wrong??? 🥵

Why is no one reading my posts? 😤

Why is no one buying from me?” 😱

See the difference?

Sometime the biggest thing that trips us up in writing attention grabbing copy is ironically being the expert 😂

We speak and write the way we do…not using language of our customers…

Copywriting TODAY is much more about EMPATHY than anything else

This is why I believe one of the best things you can do on a regular basis to get better at copywriting and creating content is to have a spiritual practice…

To practice gratitude, compassion, kindness, opening your heart, loving yourself…

The more open your heart is the easier it will be for you to enter your ideal customer’s mind…

Hear the questions in the way they are asking them…

And when you do…make sure you write that stuff down!

Cause that’s the kind of content that ATTRACTS customers like magic 😍🌟

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