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How I turned my guilty “shoulds” to enjoyable WANTS

by | Aug 4, 2019 | Blogs, leadership, Self-awareness, Videos | 0 comments


I used to beat the shit out of myself for being so undisciplined…

I knew all these good habits I needed to be doing…

But I wasn’t doing them 🙈

Then one day I had a profound aha moment ☝️

I sat down and wrote out all the habits that if I did everyday…

Would make me absolutely amazing 🤩

I had things on there like:

  • eating healthy
  • working out 
  • being grateful 
  • everyday appreciating people 
  • doing creative writing
  • Planning & reflecting on my day etc

I just wrote down everything I could think of and in the end I had a list of maybe 20 habits or so…

And I thought to myself:

“Even if I only mastered 1 habit a year…in 20 years I’d have the most amazing life ever!”

Of course my competitive side came out immediately and was like:

“What If I could master 1 every month!” 😝

Which made me realise anything on that spectrum is possible, but really it didn’t matter, I just needed to start with 1 habit!

So I picked my body and health first: Everyday one of the first things I do is to move & strengthen my body 💪

I started kundalini with a 40 day practice and then would switch it up with different dance and strength workouts on youtube or going to classes at the gym 🧘‍♀️

I know myself and if I want to get myself doing something consistently I have to enjoy myself, so making sure my exercises where fun was my #1 priority!

And guess what?

Not only do I work out everyday now…I love it! 😍

It’s not a chore but something that makes me feel great about myself…

And I love the results…the way my body looks, my energy, fitting into the clothes I want…

Except when I go a little crazy on cakes and amazing food 😂

But hey that’s what we have the daily workout practice for…to enjoy and indulge at times 😜

And now that I have got this habit ingrained in my body and daily life…

I can move onto the next one on my list..

As you can imagine I feel a lot more confident and excited with every new habit…cause that’s the beauty with building your confidence it gets you momentum 🙌

And it’s really these little habits that make me a better leader…

So often I catch myself wanting other people to do things…

People to listen…

To follow me…

Buy from me..

Do a job like me…

But ironically I’ve found that the best way to get other people to do things…

Is to look at myself…work on myself…to be the example…

And miraculously the things I want start happening 😜

So let me know in the comments:

What habits you want to start in your life?

Also if you want some support to implement come join us in our Facebook group “The Creative Genius Community” to share your progress, be accountable and have some fun with this 💃

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