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How to create more sales, clients and money with Flow and Grace

by | Apr 28, 2021 | Videos | 0 comments

This ONE simple mindshift will help you create more sales, clients and money

And make it easy and fun 🤩:


Get out of the linear masculine thinking of sales and marketing


Most women don’t operate well in it

It’s why we feel marketing and sales is so complicated and completely overwhelms us!


And there is another way:


The Feminine Flow way 🥰


Of simply looking at your business through the lens of RELATIONSHIPS


At the core it’s all about relationships and relationships are built through conversations


That’s it!


Ladies this is our greatest power!


Isn’t that a much more SEXY way to look at sales and business?! 😍


When I take my clients through their business from this perspective of creating conversations and relationships they often cry cause suddenly everything that seemed so hard and difficult before now seems so simple and natural!


Cause as women we are naturally good at connecting with other humans!


This is how we can experience FLOW and joy in our business when we simply leverage our natural strengths and powers


And here’s further good news:


There’s only a few conversations we want to master to create more sales and clients


Conversations that:

  • Start a NEW relationship
  • Deepen the relationship by building TRUST and DESIRE
  • INVITE people to take the relationship to the next level


Having run a 7 figure company myself I know there are only a handful conversations that will allow you to create the kind of relationships that will grow your business to this level, not just in theory but in practice.


And I also know how simple and easy it can actually be!


Cause when I started my first business, I wasn’t as smart or wise as I am now (reflection after all is one of the best ways to get smart 😉 )


I was 26 and had no real idea what I was doing!


Which is why I KNOW that if I can do it, anybody can!


If you’re like most of my clients, you already are skilled in these conversations


Cause isn’t it true that we like to talk?  (If for sure do 😜)


Now becoming a MASTER at these conversations, like anything simply takes continuous PRACTICE and REFINEMENT


But as I said, I can tell you from personal experience


You’d be shocked at the basic level you need to be at in these few conversations to create a 6/7 figure business


But I’m sure right now you’re asking yourself:


If it was THAT easy and simple

Why isn’t everyone doing it?


The answer is quite simple!

Cause most people believe:


It can’t be that easy


Creating a business and making money is hard


And I’m just not GOOD ENOUGH


In other words as it relates to business as whole there are 2 further RELATIONSHIPS we need to master to run it abundant and purposefully:


The relationship you have with YOU


And the relationship you have with MONEY


No I could fill books on either of those topics, as so many people have, but here’s what I use to create RESULTS for my clients:


You master all these relationships when you embody your QUEEN POWER


When you’re in your Queen power you come from a place of abundance, divine confidence, purpose and leadership that creates whatever it is you want in your life.


Now one of the greatest challenges for us as women, is that most of us are dominant in feminine energy (we all have both masculine and feminine energy in us and can use them as we choose, but your dominant energy is where you naturally feel most at home)


And that we live in a culture where feminine is seen as weak (e.g. collaboration/support vs competitiveness) and makes us feel shameful (e.g. sexuality/body images/beauty ideals) 


Which is why it’s only logical that most women don’t feel confident within themselves, cause the relationship we have with who we are is so conflicted/suppressed and unbalanced.


And the relationship you have with yourself of course affects every other relationship you have, including the one with your dream clients.


This is perhaps why you like so many women have a hard time showing up in your own authentic voice and being visible as a leader, cause if you think there’s something inherently wrong with you or the only way you can be successful is to be something different than you truly are.


It takes no genius to figure out the road ahead will be bumpy 😅


And then when it comes to money…let’s just be real honest:


You only got to look at the world as it is right now to see that as a collective we have a f***ed up relationship with money 🤪


And just like I broke down some of the fundamental conversations you want to master to create a divine relationship with your dream client (divine meaning here it’s purposeful and enriching both parties)


There’s not a 1000 conversations you gotta master…there’s always just a handful that make 80% of the difference!

And that’s just as true for the relationship you have with your dream clients, yourself, money or anything else!


Plus you’re in luck cause I have already messed up many of these relationships and through trial and error I have learnt a lot about what works and what holds you back 😝

And I continue to put these findings in simple practical steps for you to execute on!


So can I just get a hallelujah from you right now 😍🎉


If this sounds like such a simpler way of looking at business and how to create what you want in life 💃🔥❤️


And if you want the fast action pass to mastering the divine conversations and relationships that will create more sales, clients and money for you 💗


Grab one of my complimentary calls, so I can help you assess where you’re at right now and get clarity on what needs to be the next step for you to move forward


You can book a complimentary coaching session to exactly that here 


And just remember:


You are beautiful

You are powerful

You are divine


You are exactly the way you need to be

To be a Queen of hearts 


Much love to you sister