How to use the power of S.E.X in your videos

Don’t worry…you don’t have to use your sex appeal in videos (unless of course you want to) 😜

S.E.X is an acronym for 3 simple steps that will make your videos much more attractive and engaging within minutes!

Watch the video or read on below! 


I know this sounds super obvious…but so often when I feel like I’m smiling…

I look back at the footage and I’m not 😂

So I always focus on really exaggerating my smile…especially at the very beginning of the video

Smiles are beautiful friendly and they draw people in…works like magic 😉

Eye contact

A lot of my clients struggle feeling awkward when talking on camera…it feels natural and weird 🤪

And so they also often don’t know where to look

Here’s a super hack:

Treat the camera lens as if it was the eyes of a person you’re talking to…

Literally imagine a person instead of your camera/phone if that helps…it’s what I do 😜

Now the same you probably don’t stare someone in the eyes the whole time you’re talking to them…you don’t want to be starring at the camera lens like your life depends on it either…

Flirt with it a little 🥰

Make it your focus point, but also don’t be scared to look away and return back to it…just as you would in a normal conversation


Contrary to popular belief you don’t have to have a crazy bubbly,  overly excited personality to be great on video

Now I am by nature a very excited person 😂

So the word describes me accurately…

But you might find words like passion, conviction, care factor…

More relatable!

What really matters more than anything when it comes to video…

Is the ENERGY you show up with!

I literally have had people reach out to me before wanting to do business with me…and they hadn’t even watched any of my videos…they simply said they had seen my video in the feed and it was my ENERGY that made them reach out…

This is how powerful this is!

When you show up with an energy where you are truly committed to helping and serving people…

It doesn’t matter what other things aren’t perfect…

People will FEEL how much you care and your passion…

They WIILL be ATTRACTED to you!

And then of course…like anything…practice, practice, practice!

That’s what makes you better!

But don’t let your perfectionism stop you from putting your videos out there…

If you show up with your heart and your sharing things that can genuinely help people…don’t let your ego get in the way!

You never whose life you can change with one piece of content! ❤️

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