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1:1 Coaching

Lead and speak with your feminine beauty & power

And CREATE the divine life of your dreams! 
How do you create the life of your wildest dreams?

My mission is to help women live a life that is full of joy and love

Where you can use your unique beauty to make an impact in the world. 

I work with female entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches, consultants, artists and creatives and they all want one thing…

They want to share their message, creative talents and mission with the world.

But how do get the confidence to lead and speak with authenticity, passion and power? 

Well, it’s actually pretty simple:

Know, love and trust yourself

Create-> Lead-> Express

From the inside out

But let’s be honest…

We’re all human!

And although we often intellectually understand that we do have limitless potential

Without the right support, inspiration and environment, our fears and ego will often hold us back.

The same way the worlds best dancer performs by being in complete FLOW expressing her own unique rythm and creativity

She only reaches those heights with a strong foundation in her basic steps.

And there’s only one way to get there:

Practice, Practice, Practice!!!

My role as a coach is to not only support in your practice by using your day by day challnges and relevant situations to stengthen you in your feminine beauty and power…

But also to make the whole dance as fun as possible 😉

So if you’re one of my “feminine beauty & power” intensive graduates here’s how I can continue to support you along your journey:

(If you’re not a graduate schedule a complimentary strategy session first to see if I’ll be able to support you here)

Lead, Speak, Create

Leading and speaking with feminine beauty and power

Ongoing 1:1 coaching support

Transformation is accelerated when we have the right tools and support.

You can continually have my support month by month to help you integrate the beautiful and powerful woman within you, so you have the confidence to not only be able to connect with her within but also on the outside.

  •  Embody your QUEEN by leading with elegance and class
  • Learn how to BE rather than be imprisoned by DOING
  • Clearly EXPRESSING your true self
  • Speak with authenticity, passion & power
  • On camera, through creative writing, public speaking or the way you dress

It’s by leading and expressing ourselves that we CREATE the life of our dreams in reality

Be it in your business or personal relationships

Ongoing 1:1 coaching support pricing

Weekly coaching session @45 mins

All sessions conducted on Zoom


Month by month price

Or $600/month 

When purchased in 3 month package

One-off private top up sessions

If you have gone through my feminine beauty & power intensive or worked with me on an ongoing basis and you ever feel like you simply need a one-off spot treatment where I guide you through e.g. a forgiveness process you can book a one-off top up session for the following topics:

  • Feel and release old negative emotions and patterns
  • Forgive and free yourself
  • Creating an aligned vision
  • Cutting cords process
  • Connecting and embodying one of the feminine archetype energies 

One session @45 mins

Follow up @30 mins

Price $300

These can not be booked if you have never worked with me, as the work is too deep for me to do with someone I have never worked before.

If you feel this is a deep wound I would also recommend booking a month coaching, so we can do repeated sessions with in between work (simply message me if you’re unsure)

What People Are Saying…

I want to appreciate Jen for she is one of the most inspiring coaches I have ever had. Thank you Jen for being there for me by not accepting anything less than my best effort. For strongly but lovingly keep encouraging me to come from a place of integrity and quality within myself.

Carolina Errazuriz

I would recommend Jen because she is very authentic. What you see if what you get; very informative, nurturing, will to help anyone she is talking to. I love that she is so approachable.

Wendla Fredricksen

"Jen is amazing"

Reem K.

Jen is a person that cares about people and I felt from her the need to help other peoples struggles in life. Thank you Jen for sharing your valuable thoughts.

Karen A.


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Jen from Fun and Mindful Marketing is like a breath of fresh air. Facebook marketing can seem like a minefield, but with Jen's passion, expertise, and practical steps, participants came away feeling more confident to engage in social media marketing - definitely a workshop that is worth taking time out of a busy day for.

Narelle W.| Regus

Jen is young and fun and really knows her stuff when it comes to FB Ads!! She made it super simple and easy to follow and understand!!! So much so that hours after her workshop I have a FB Ad posted for my business which I have been putting of for years as it was all too hard. Thank you Jen! Truly grateful! Thanks for a fun morning 🙂

Belinda P.