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Fierce. Divine. Female. UNSTOPPABLE.

Own your Feminine Beauty & Power 

Lead & speak with authenticity, passion and power
Be it in your business, relationships or way of life

And CREATE the divine life of your wildest dreams



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Practical Tools:

Camera Confidence

Getting the right angel: Camera Confidence Beginner Guide

Getting the right angel: Camera Confidence Beginner Guide

How different do these 2 pictures in the video look? 🤪 That’s the power of a good angel! They were literally taken within 2 seconds apart… Until that day I thought I didn’t take beautiful pictures… I believed the subconscious lie that some women are more beautiful…...

Marketing made simple & fun

The power of your personal brand

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Practical Tools

Find your Voice

How do I get my posts SEEN? Creating attention grabbing headlines

How do I get my posts SEEN? Creating attention grabbing headlines

How the hell do I get people to SEE my posts? 🤯 If you want to Attract customers to you, the very first thing you want to do is ATTRACT ATTENTION… Cause you can’t have a conversation… You can’t build a relationship without attention first 💁‍♀️ Here's one simple way...


Queen Routine: Fierce Divine Confidence in 5 mins per day

What People Are Saying…

I want to appreciate Jen for she is one of the most inspiring coaches I have ever had. Thank you Jen for being there for me by not accepting anything less than my best effort. For strongly but lovingly keep encouraging me to come from a place of integrity and quality within myself.

Carolina Errazuriz

I would recommend Jen because she is very authentic. What you see if what you get; very informative, nurturing, will to help anyone she is talking to. I love that she is so approachable.

Wendla Fredricksen

"Jen is amazing"

Reem K.

Jen is a person that cares about people and I felt from her the need to help other peoples struggles in life. Thank you Jen for sharing your valuable thoughts.

Karen A.


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I have never worked with a coach before and until now, always made it on my own. But if I had known how powerful only three sessions can be, I wouldn't have hesitated this long. Jennifer has a unique approach and thanks to her work with the feminine archetypes, the work becomes very tangible and easy to follow. Getting to know the archetypes in their light and shadow makes it easy to understand where there needs to be healing. It actually makes it FUN! Jennifer has such a supportive and beautiful energy and a unique way of creating a safe space to share and heal. I always looked forward for our next session and I'm so thankful for this experience. Thank you for sharing your light and wisdom with me.

Svenja S.

Jen from Fun and Mindful Marketing is like a breath of fresh air. Facebook marketing can seem like a minefield, but with Jen's passion, expertise, and practical steps, participants came away feeling more confident to engage in social media marketing - definitely a workshop that is worth taking time out of a busy day for.

Narelle W.| Regus

Jen is young and fun and really knows her stuff when it comes to FB Ads!! She made it super simple and easy to follow and understand!!! So much so that hours after her workshop I have a FB Ad posted for my business which I have been putting of for years as it was all too hard. Thank you Jen! Truly grateful! Thanks for a fun morning 🙂

Belinda P.