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Soulful Sales – How to fill up your soul as well as your bank account

It often feels like we’re given these 2 choices in business:

Do work that is deeply fulfilling and serves others

Or make a lot of money 🤪

But you know what’s made me a wealthy woman?

Breaking the rules and demanding BOTH 😝


I have done so by applying this simple PHILOSOPHY to sales & marketing, business and life:

Always leave people in a better place than you found them

Living this philosophy has made me wealthy 

And to me wealth goes way beyond money, in fact money is the least of my priorities when accumulating wealth.

My health, relationships, fulfillment in my heart and soul are riches than can never be measured in coins and bills.

It has made sales in itself a deeply fulfilling practice for me.

And don’t get me wrong

I’m not perfect and I like every human I also make mistakes and fall off track at times

But I am committed to living this philosophy

I am always growing and becoming a better version of myself, as the better I become the more I can support others


From experience I know how deeply fulfilling it is to sell this way

And it’s something I teach all my clients and anyone who will listen

It allows you to build genuine relationships with people that are based on mutual respect and care.

It’s also fun to sell this way as you are always meeting the most interesting people and having the most incredible conversations and experiences.

And having run a 7 figure sales and marketing company based on this philosophy

I also know how profitable it can be 😉


And if you think about it, it makes total sense!


When you sell in a way that leaves people in a better place than you found them

It builds trust and good will

That allows you to build a brand with raving fan clients that don’t just want to buy once from you, but again and again.

They want to tell others about you, as that’s natural human behaviour: When we love something and have an amazing experience, we want to share it with others!

So now you get the best of both worlds

You can make great money and do so by enriching other people’s lives too!

So if it’s possible to sell in a soulful way that fills up your soul as well as your bank account


Why don’t more people do it?


The answer is simple:

To sell in a soulful way

You yourself must have first found your soul


Let me repeat that


To sell in a soulful way

You yourself must have first found your soul


I’d encourage you to sit with that for a minute.


And I’d also love to hear your thoughts and comments on what comes up for you, as you let this sink in.

For me this really means practicing an inward- out approach in sales, in our businesses and in our lives.


Not seeking validation and gratification from the sales, money and the success we create, but rather find wealth, love and joy WITHIN ourselves FIRST.

It’s what I call creating a wealthy woman mindset, so that it’s so easy to sell and serve others, which then actually attracts even more wealth and abundance to us.

Cause who doesn’t like to be around someone who is generous and giving and where you don’t feel like they are trying to get something from you?

But as this is an endless topic, I could spend weeks talking to you about, let me leave you with some practical tips so you can become more soulful in selling if this is something you’d like to do:

1) Create, apply and live your own sales philosophy


If you want to use my sales philosophy of always leaving people in a better place than you found them, you are more welcome to copy it

It’s serves me greatly and all those I have shared it with

But you can also adapt it or create your own.

The important part is to not only put up a sticky note with a cool sounding philosophy

But to truly commit to it and do your best in living it in every interaction and opportunity.

Remember, there are many people that talk a big game, but very few walk one.

And if you want to live in a world that is kinder, better and where sales is soulful, than the best thing you can do is start creating that world and lead by example.

2) Let go of perfection


My philosophy states: Leave people in a better place than you found them

NOT: In a PERFECT place

This is something I have to remind myself of all the time and honestly one of the greatest traps I can find myself in

Perfection is one of the greatest tools of our own ego thinking, as it finds problems and criticises any positive advancement we make

It’s crippling and leaves us in a place where we take no action and no action means we go backwards.

You don’t have to leave people in a perfect place cause in my opinion no such place exists (at least not on this planet)

For me committing to leaving people in a better place than I found them, means doing my best in every moment 

It also means giving myself grace and forgiving myself, when I do fall short of my intention, so I can learn and do even better tomorrow.

3) Measure your results so you can refine your soulful sexy sales process 


I’m good at sales because I leverage a lot of my feminine powers, such as connecting with my emotions and people, communicating in an empathetic way, being open, joyful, creative etc

But that does need to be balanced out with some masculine energy that focuses on the concrete and specific.

Like if I want to loose weight, it makes sense to track certain metrics like what am I eating, workouts, my weight etc

That way I can measure my progress in a detached objective way, see what’s working (do more of that!) and adapt what isn’t working.

If I don’t do this I’m only going to be relying on my emotions and feelings to gage my results.

And the problem with that is that our emotions and feelings are heavily influenced by our mindset and beliefs, so if I believe I am fat and ugly, all my feelings toward this topic are going to be distorted.

By having measurements in place I can neutralise those distortions and become more objective.

The same is true for sales:

Most women I work with have stories around not being good enough/not being worthy etc which is why it’s so important that we use metrics to segment and measure their progress, so we don’t fall into old stories, but instead create evidence for creating new empowering beliefs of progress!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Measurements are only effective when we practice a loving, compassionate, non-judgment mindset, otherwise every time you don’t receive the exact result you want, your critical mind will use that to beat the shit out of you and that’s gonna make progress very difficult!

It’s why I believe so deeply in coaching through the feminine archetypes as it teaches us to find that balance of different energies within ourself.


Congratulations 😍🎉 You now know how to fill up your soul as well as your bank account!

The most important part is that you don’t just let this knowledge sit in your head, as there it will remain simply a “good idea”.

For this to have an impact in your business and life you want to take ACTION right away and start implementing. 


Don’t wait – CREATE!


And if you want to create a sales process that is soulful – aligned with who you are 

and sexy – allowing you to be yourself and leverage your unique strengths and passions 

And want more support doing so, you can grab one of my complimentary Sales Clarity calls here.

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Thank you so much for reading this blog and connecting with me here 🥰

I deeply appreciate it and always love hearing your thoughts and comments, so leave them below if you’d like to share them with me.


Live Beautifully, Wild & Free ❤️🔥