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The 1-3-5  method to build your confidence

by | Sep 16, 2019 | Blogs | 0 comments

Have you ever wondered why cocaine is the rich person’s drug?

Cause it’s basically confidence in white powder…just a little sniff and there you go 😜

And confidence is like a magic pill

It’s something we all want

Cause someone who is confident 

They go after what it is they want

They say what they want to say

Go where they want to go

They have something about them that we all gravitate towards

The only problem with getting your confidence from a thin white line is…

Well it will go away again as quick as you snorted it! 😅

It’s the same for same any method we use to get confidence from outside of ourselves…

Be it success, money, relationships…

True inner confidence however will make you unstoppable

It truly allows you to be all you want to be

And isn’t that what we all really want?

To test out the limits of all we can be?


But the bad news first…

True inner confidence doesn’t come in the form of white powder…

Good news:

You don’t need to be rich or a druggie to get it 😂

Even better news:

I have desired and struggled with confidence all my life

And in that pursuit I’ve figured out many ways that don’t work and one simple truth:

We are all capable of building up our own confidence

True inner confidence is not something that people have or not 

Like long legs or curly hair

We’re all born with the ability to be confident…it’s a state

And we can always grow and expand it

So in this blog I want to share a really easy simple way on how you can build up your confidence no matter where you’re at:

It’s called the 1 3 5 method

  1. Set one goal 🎯

Set a goal you’re excited about and really want to have or achieve

And Set a realistic time frame for it

The trick here is to get the balance right between being realistic so you believe that you can achieve it (even if only just) and that you’re truly excited about it.

The goal could be something really little or mundane like buying those super expensive jeans you’ve wanted for so long or reading that book you’ve been putting off or finally working out each day or something outrageous like doubling your weekly income or 10x your business this year…

3) Three reasons why 💗

Once you have your goal write out 3 reasons why you want it

This is to test your goal

Once you’ve finished your reasons why If you’re not jumping out your seat with excitement you want to pick a different goal

You want to have butterflies in your stomach after this as if you’ve just seen your high school crush walk through the door #swoon 😝

It doesn’t matter what the goal is as long it has the butterfly effect

5) Five actions to take 💪

Now list 5 action points you will commit to (preferably daily) in order to achieve this goal.

And this is what it’s really about here:

It’s your commitment

I love teaching this exercise and doing it myself cause achieving the goal is only an added side benefit

The “real goal” is to build your confidence.

And that simply comes from following through on what we say we gonna do.

Cause confidence is an INSIDE JOB

It comes from the trust we have in ourselves

And that trust is built and strengthened when DO what we SAID we’d do

When we honour our commitments

When we honour ourselves and what we truly want

So all you gotta do is honour those 5 action points

Cause even if you don’t achieve your goal right away, as long as you keep sticking to it and adjusting your action points the way you need…

You’ll eventually achieve your goal and will have built up your confidence even stronger along the way 💪

So let me give you a quick recap cause we have a pretty sweet deal here:

🌟You use the 1 3 5 method to build your confidence

🌟You get your goal as a side benefit

🌟You can use this with the smallest or biggest of goals

🌟And there are no side effects like nose bleeding, risks of overdose or becoming one of those arrogant coke head d*** 🤣

So Happy high fly 😜


If you want more support in building your confidence you can find out more about working with me 1:1 here or join our amazing Facebook community here