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What we can learn from our negative emotions

by | Aug 21, 2019 | Blogs | 0 comments

It was like I lived 2 different lives…

In the office I would be positive…smiling… energetic

At home I could hardly get out of bed cause I was so exhausted!

I didn’t want to do anything

Small things irritated me

People driving to slow in front of me

People taking to long in the shopping queue

I would get angry and frustrated at the smallest things

I constantly felt on edge…

I had no personal life

Everything in my life was about my business

I’d have a constant feeling of guilt, stress and overwhelm

Nothing was ever good enough

No matter how much money I made

What awards I won

The city apartment… the new car… the dog

The happiness in all of the things was short lived

Nothing seemed to fill the hole inside

Some mornings I’d be crying in despair on my bathroom floor not sure how I could face another day

Yet somehow I still got myself up and smiling into the office…

Unwilling to give up…

Push will only get you so far


I just kept pushing…pushing…pushing…

I was in a dark place at that time…

I was so frustrated with myself

Why couldn’t I get out of it?

How could I have so much yet nothing at the same time?

Why couldn’t I fix it?

Today I can look back at myself and laugh 😅

It’s so easy for me to see that I was creating my own suffering

And that it wouldn’t take much to snap out of it

But back then I didn’t have those tools

I was doing the best I could

And although I definitely wouldn’t want to go back to that time again…

I’m so grateful for it 💗

Cause without all the suffering

I wouldn’t have hit my knees

I would have never reached that point where I was willing to stop pushing

I wouldn’t have the beautiful life I have now

And I would have never learnt…

My life changing lesson about my negative emotions

That they’re not really “negative”

It’s just my body talking to me!

It’s my consciousness nudging me to take a look at something…

It’s showing me when I’m falling off track

When I’m not in alignment…

When what I want is not lining up with who I’m being

Or when I’m not going after what I really want!

Back then I didn’t know how to interpret those little nudges…

I had to go to the edge of a break down to get the memo…

Today if I’m stressed for more than a few minutes I’m like

“Ok got it…somethings up…I’m all ears!” 😂

I understand now that nothing will get me to “success” “happiness” “joy “love”

But that they’re available to me all the time

And that stress, overwhelm, fear, doubt, anger… they’re all part of the game…

I just gotta listen! 😜


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