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When I stopped fighting time I got more of it!

by | Sep 2, 2019 | Blogs | 0 comments

I know I don’t look like a fighter…

But there was a time in my life where I’d get in the ring every day…

My opponent: TIME 🥊

There just never seemed to be enough of it!

I was determined to win the fight…

I’d always be working on new time management tools…

Create new structures and plans to organise my employees and contractors…

New company procedures...

New rituals for myself…

This was one epic fight…let me tell ya! 😝

It went on for years

Time continuously would bring me to my knees

I’d be crying on the bathroom floor

I’d collapse exhausted in to my sofa at night 

Having giving it my all

But still feeling it wasn’t enough

So many times I wanted to give up

At times daily…

But I’d get back into the ring anyway

Ding dong… another round! 🥊

I’d give myself little pep talks

Restore and relax 

Determined to win next time!

I’d get better

I’d get stronger!

Get the things I wanted!

On and on this fight went…

I started feeling more and more exhausted

Like one thing you should know about me is I don’t give up easily 😜

But there came a point where I was so tired

So exhausted

I started to lose the will to fight

I stopped caring

That fire within me

The passion, drive and determination

It had been reduced to ashy wood slowly burning out

For so long I was proud of myself…

Because I kept fighting!

Til in the end I was on my knees so often 

My exhaustion in mind and body so extensive

That I finally got the message…


And it was just in time…

If I had kept fighting much longer I would have a mental break down for sure

Along with other major health issues 

Now sitting here I can laugh at myself 😂

It was like watching the end of fight club 

When I realised I was literally battling myself the whole time

But back then I always thought I was fighting someone else

Fighting time, other people, circumstances, situations…

I always felt there was never enough time

And although I intellectually knew that everyone has 24 hours in a day

There was still this battle going on

That somehow I just needed to manage time better

That I just needed to be better!

It took me a while to figure it out but what I realised was simply this:

When we say “There’s not enough time”

“I didn’t have enough time today!”

What we’re really saying is:

“I didn’t do what I really wanted today”

“I’m not feeling the way I really wanted to feel today”

Cause I noticed whenever I said I didn’t have “enough time”

There was some kind of negative emotion associated with it

I’d be feeling stressed, overwhelmed, frustrated, anxious, exhausted…to just name a few

So it was really about me not managing my own energy…

I wasn’t going after what I truly wanted and BEING the person I wanted to be

That’s what was stopping me from getting the results I wanted, causing the drama and making me feel shitty 💩

I wasn’t in alignment!

Today I’m so grateful that time beat me up so bad that I was begging on my knees

Cause it allowed me…or let’s be honest it forced me 😅

To take a good look at my life

And how I was not in alignment at all with what I really wanted

Today I know how to get in alignment…

And time no longer is an issue

When I’m in alignment

I own time!

There’s always enough!

Cause I know so clearly who I am, what I want and who I want to BE

Now don’t get me wrong sometimes I forget and get back in the ring with time

But it only takes a slight hit now and I remember…

I’m not here to fight…

I’m here to enjoy every moment of my life!🌟

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