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Why your content isn’t connecting: Avoiding the expert trap

#Truthbomb💣: Why your content isn’t connecting…

Why is no one reaching out to me?

People like my content but they’re not buying or reaching out to me??!! 🤷‍♀️

The biggest mistake most people make when it comes to content is:

You’re talking in expert lingo 👩‍⚕️

Not in your customers language

Let me give you a concrete example (always so much easier to understand):

A lot of my clients are relationship coaches so when I ask them what they’re customers biggest point is they will say things like: Open and clear communication

Which is totally correct…BUT…

That’s not the CONVERSATION the customer is having in their head…

They’re thinking things like:

My husband is driving me crazy 🤬

He never understands me!!! 😫

When my client now puts out content where they’re talking about open and clear communication…

There’s a disconnect cause they’re not meeting them WHERE THEY ARE AT!

If we as experts want to have conversations and build relationships with potential customers…

It’s OUR hob to meet them where they are at!

This is what it really means to FIND YOUR VOICE…it’s the voice that is authentic your own and the same time CONNECTS with your ideal customer 😍

And you can do that right away…write up a post about one of the conversations your customer’s is having in their head right now 💃

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