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Queen Power: Run an ABUNDANT business with freedom, passion and purpose

Be fully visible as a leader, take yourself to the next level and have the CONFIDENCE to express yourself with authenticy, passion & power!

The magic unlock to creating the life of your dreams is knowing, loving and trusting yourself!

Queens have it all! 

My signature “Queen Power” 1:1 coaching program is designed for female entrepreneurs, artists and change makers who want to be fully visible as leaders in their industry so they can create dream clients and a raving fan brand, be fully confident in speaking in their own authentic voice and being rich as f*** in creating a beautiful life on their terms!

After running my own business for almost 10 years, coaching and connecting with countless women during that time, I noticed there were specific patterns that so many female leaders shared alongside me…

And as I learnt to recognise, change and take advantage of these patterns in my own personal spiritual journey…

I was pulled more and more to understanding feminine energy and especially feminine archetypes…

Which allowed me to discover some of the most powerful tools for women to get to know, love and trust themselves, so that they have the confidence and alignment from WITHIN themselves to step up fully as leaders, speak with their unique voice and become the women they truly know they are!

I am so excited to be able to share these tools and empower more women to truly be their beautiful and powerful selves 🤩💃

The beauty of working 1:1 is that no one coaching relationship is the same as we get to work on what you need as it is showing up in real time in business and in life, but to give you more insight on what we’d be covering in our time together there are a 3 key stages I will cover with all of my clients, as the key to creating an abundant business is mastering conversations and relationships:

Being a LEADER in your industry in your own authentic voice

The first Conversation and relationship we want to work on is the one you have with YOU

You are the foundation and centrepiece in everything in your business and the more you know, love and trust yourself

The more you will be in your Queen power

For most of my clients this includes work on reclaiming your feminine, supressed and neglected parts of themselves, clearing up unprocecessed emotions, limiting beliefs and stories that are holding them back

It’s changing the conversation and relationship you have with yourself from one that is restrictive and destructive to empowering and limitless.

It’s discovering all the different parts of you and owning your unique beauty that allows you to be a leader in your field

And be confident in expressing yourself as your authentic YOU

This creates the foundation for all other relationships

Creating Dream Clients & a raving fan brand


The next conversation and relationship we want to master is the one we have with our clients and community

Once you own yourself and feel confident in showing up, it’s all about learning to lead and serve

Lead and serve ourselves, our community, our clients, our partners

We can make this complicated in business and talk about sales, marketing, research, PR, social media etc

But at the core it’s simply about CONVERSATIONS and RELATIONSHIPS

And the more you own your unique beauty and feel condfident in being you

The easier and the more FUN it becomes!

Rich as F***: Running an ABUNDANT business

The final conversation and relationship we really want to master to step fully into our Queen Power is the ones you have with MONEY

It’s not enough simply creating and having money, lots of people know how to do that including you

Few have a beautiful and loving relationship with money

So what ends up happening is that money owns you, rather than you owning money

This is where we shift destructive mindsets around scarcity and worthiness depending on money (or anything else outside of yourself for that matter)

And replace it with an empowering abundance mindset that allows you to be free and generous with your money and wealth

You’ll learn how to INVEST and share money in a way that enriches you, the people you love, your community and the world

Mastering these relationship is how you fully step into your Queen Power and live a truly beautiful life on your terms!

Let’s talk dollars and cents shall we?

All 1:1 spots are by application only.

To explore what it will look like working with me for you personally book in your Complimentary Strategy Session to ensure we’re a good match for each other. If no times are available this means I’m currently taking no new clients and the waiting list is full.

My signature program includes 18 coaching sessions  @ 60 mins/session

This is a 6 month program and the recommended session allocation is 3 sessions per month, but it can be customised as needed

Each session will be conducted via Zoom (unless you request otherwise).

And while working with me you’ll also have access to me via Email and Voxer (a voice messaging app) in case you have an urgent question or want to share a quick win (my favourite!)  in between our sessions you can easily do so.


Full RR Price: $5000 USD

If you’re ready to get started, simply book in your complimentary strategy session here or send me a message with any questions here or email


* Pricing/payment options available. Pricing subject to change.

What People Are Saying…

I want to appreciate Jen for she is one of the most inspiring coaches I have ever had. Thank you Jen for being there for me by not accepting anything less than my best effort. For strongly but lovingly keep encouraging me to come from a place of integrity and quality within myself.

Carolina Errazuriz

I would recommend Jen because she is very authentic. What you see if what you get; very informative, nurturing, will to help anyone she is talking to. I love that she is so approachable.

Wendla Fredricksen

"Jen is amazing"

Reem K.

Jen is a person that cares about people and I felt from her the need to help other peoples struggles in life. Thank you Jen for sharing your valuable thoughts.

Karen A.