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Discover your Feminine Beauty & Power Intensive

Be fully visible as a leader, take yourself to the next level and have the CONFIDENCE to express yourself with authenticy, passion & power!

The magic unlock to creating the life of your dreams is knowing, loving and trusting yourself!

Discover your feminine beauty & power – Your foundation to know, love and trust yourself

The “Discover your feminine beauty & power” intensive is designed for female entrepreneurs, artists and change makers who want to be fully visible as leaders in their industry so they can grow their personal brands, take themselves to the next level and share their message with authenticity, passion and power!

After running my own business for almost 10 years, coaching and connecting with countless women during that time, I noticed there were specific patterns that so many female leaders shared alongside me…

And as I learnt to recognise, change and take advantage of these patterns in my own personal spiritual journey…

I was pulled more and more to understanding feminine energy and especially feminine archetypes…

Which allowed me to discover some of the most powerful tools for women to get to know, love and trust themselves, so that they have the confidence and alignment from WITHIN themselves to step up fully as leaders, speak with their unique voice and become the women they truly know they are!

I am so excited to be able to share these tools and empower more women to truly be their beautiful and powerful selves 🤩💃

Being part of my client’s journey in taking ownership of their feminine power and transforming themselves is incredible to witness.

It makes all the challnges, painful “mistakes” and “failures” I endured so worthwhile…

All the inner conflicts, doubts, insecurities and ways I used to hold myself back…

Be it in my business or relationships (especially romnatic ones!)

I truly was my own worst enemy!

As I now know there was a reason and purpose for me ecountering them all.

It’s what allows me to do what I do today, as I realised none of us are alone with our challenges and problems…

We really are all going through the same ones, just in slightly different variations!

And although the work we do is deep and incredibly powerful in tramsforming yourself from the inside out…

I also love making this journey fun, playful and sexy 😉

So if you want to know more about this beautiful journey we undertake together in the “Discover your feminine beauty & power” Intensive

Book your complimentary strategy session below (spots are limited) to help you get crystal clear on where you’re at, what you’re next level looks like and learn more about how discovering your feminine beauty & power could help you get there.

Let’s talk dollars and cents shall we?

All 1:1 spots are by application only.

You will receive a Complimentary Strategy Session to ensure we’re a good match for each other. If no times are available this means I’m currently taking no new clients and the waiting list is full.

The Intensive includes 4 coaching sessions 

2 Foundation sessions @ 90min/session

2 Regular Sessions @ 45min/session

The recommended time frame for the intensive is 40 days

In most cases I recommend my clients to use 1 session per week/10 days 

Each session will be conducted via Zoom (unless you request otherwise).

And while working with me you’ll also have access to me via Email where I will be sending your “fun work assignments” between sessions and in case you have an urgent question or want to share a quick win (my favourite!)  in between our sessions you can easily do so.



Full Intensive Price: $1287 USD

Current 2020 Xmas Special:

Only $687 USD

(instead of full RP $1287)

Plus you will receive a 30/60 minute Follow up call and the end of the intensive to make sure you are feeling supported with all the tools you have received during the intensive to continue your work on your own and know the options available to you fi you’d like to continue working with me 1:1 on an ongoing basis.  

If you’re ready to get started, simply book in your complimentary strategy session here or send me a message with any questions here or email


* Pricing subject to change.